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With a world population of approximately 7 billion people & growing, World Wise Care Inc. & aims to provide a reservoir of resource, whereby the world can be connected through CARE for the benefit of CARE; whose efforts, initiatives, services, programs & specialized support groups are specially designed to reach people all over the world, regardless of their color, race, creed, geographic, economic or cultural origins. WWC clones its initiatives by setting up programs at local schools, churches,community centers and other establishments.World Wise Care offers World Wise Help, with a World Wise Perspective…on World Wide needs.  WWC encorages communities and entities around the world to keep the needs of others in mind and to be thoughtful, yet meaningful of those who may be less fortunate that ourselves in all that we do.

After tedious research & evaluation over different systems of care through the years, and deep involved, within local & international communities, Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, Founder CEO & President of World Wise Care Inc. & established and put together these intiaitves for the purposes of focusing on developing several programs and services that would meet the challenges of a complex world by setting out to consolidate the average interests, concerns, problems, & efforts–as much that could be included, within a one-stop local, national, global and social-interactive network which could address said interests. Having been a part of a wide array of care initiatves, Dr. Cameron-Xavier truly understands the importance of accessibility and diversity in establishing & developing WWC as an ultimate hybrid system of care driven initiatives. Here you can enjoy the collective affiliate website & program network that is intricately designed to bring & make care happen for you!

Here you can enjoy the collective affiliate website & program network that is intricately designed to bring & make care either happen for your or through people like you, make care more assessable, while embracing our part in the accountability to help others.

Certainly, this site is divided in 7 major categories. Each category is further sub-divided into hundreds of topics, and areas of interest. 

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Family Life & Family Strife

The first of these major categories,“Family Life & Family Strife”, addresses the family essence as a whole…the stresses of trying to make it as a family, through the strives and tribulations we may face as it relates to: being single parent, an only child,  domestic abuse, divorce, widowship, adoption, foster care, child abuse, elderly abuse, being a victim of a crime i.e. (robbery of the home, auto, or person, sexual assault, an arrest of a loved one or close friend, illness, injury and death, disability, unemployment, financial woes and much more. Family is the foundation…so we place a significant amount of emphasis on family development through the detailed topics, programs, services offered.

Family as we know it, can essentially be defined as two or more individuals which share a common interest or relationship. Therefore, when calamity hits, it affects everyone. Take for instance losing or job or facing the disloyalty of a spouse or significant other; these situations can seriously devestate a family.Surely, there are so many things that can affect the peace and balance of one’s family. WWC is dedicated to helping families through these difficult times and finding ground once again.          Fancy Horizontal Line

Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness

The second category, “Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness” is one of the most intricate categories of care on the internet. It covers not only professional advice, but also sincere and detailed advice from visitors much like yourself who are seeking information and/or visitors who may be experiencing it for themselves. Whether it be for a school paper, personal curiosity, or self-improvement, this site is here to fulfill your needs.

Poor health can greatly take away from the quality of life of a person or even family. Take for instance, a mother of a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. She has been given 6 months to live.There are no more afternoon walks with her son. Instead of sitting outside on a beautiful day sitting at the park like she usually do, she is lying in pain suffering not only from her cancer, but complications of the treatment for her cancer. Her mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, fatigue…she is spiraling into a deep depression. WWC is here for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fancy Horizontal Line

 Career, Training & Educational Dev.
Where do you see “Care” taking you? WWC can help make that answer clearer!


The third category of care, “Career, Training, & Educational Development represents the fulcrum of our common existence.To seek a position in a workplace whereby our educational endeavors and professional accomplishments can merit us a state of personal fulfillment and esteemed contentment. We refer this category as a fulcrum, because without this stability, marriages, families/households and all other regard has been known to fall apart. We offer a number of Career, Training, Educational Development from mandatory to continuing education, training and developmental opportunities. We have a wide variety of courses, programs, workshops, seminars, webinars, symposiums and lectures to choose from.                                                                                                                  Fancy Horizontal Line

Social Networking, Media & Chat

The fourth category of care, “Social Networking, Media and Chat, basically offers a platform to the world community to network, share video, music and chat on hundreds of forums, discussion and interest groups, whereby one can share ideas, services, and advice with individuals around the world. This categories represents the voice of this site. Here you can share interaction with  professionals and ordinary members. This particular category simply takes every other category of care on this site and place it in your hands. You will instantly have access to thousands of users around the world–making a difference worth hanging around for. Are you up for the challenge?                                  Fancy Horizontal Line

Hobbies, Activities & Personal Interests

The fifth category of care on this site, “Hobbies, Activities and Personal Interests” offers a very intricate design of information, that is at your immediate disposal. Enjoy a tremendous amount of articles, papers, forums and topics of discussion on just about every subject imaginable. This category brings together hobbies, interests and activities from around the word and fosters meaningful interaction from people of all ages. Join us in discovering and sharing experiences from individuals from different cultures around the globe and become a part of local events and activities going on near you.

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         Community Puzzle

The sixth category of care, “Community Outreach and Resource Development” assists communities around the world with the purpose of becoming the resolve for their own problems and deficiencies.Together, we can make a difference. Whether it be programs and intiatives to reach our men, women, and children, disaster relief, community housing, medical outreach,  epidemiological studies or whatever. We are there…because you are.We remind communties all around the world that, “Being poor or unable to provide for yourself or your family doesn’t make you a bad person”. We are here to bring out your assets. We are here to help.

WWC champions its commitment to implement change in the world at every level. WWC believes that there is a talent or ability in each of us that can address the needs within the each other. WWC expounds on this thought by developing resource programs and initiatives, that men, women, children, communities, establishments and entities all over the world can benefit from. WWC teaches us how we can create a program or initiative within our hearts and to have that consideration readily available to the hearts of others. Help us to help the world!            

Community preparedness is also one of WWC’s greatest focuses. The world faces about 70,000 natural & man-made disasters in the U.S. alone, ranging anywhere from fires to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, transportation accidents & explosions. This staggering number is dramatically increased when looking at the world over. WCC develops its national & international relief efforts in applying addressing pestilence, famine, fire, floods, & other great national calamities, around the world, & devising a system to carry on measures for preventing the same. World Wise Care is unique in the aspect that WWC focuses on developing a template of effort & intent; that individuals may be able to themselves take on the needs & obligations of their own communities. We place a significant emphasis on the necessity of others learning how to prepare, organize and develop your community’s’ resources today!

Understanding this, World Wise Care Inc, believes in teaching a community to fish–that they may continue to do for themselves. At World Wise Care, we support the philosophy  of giving a seed. We show you how to plant it, so that you will always know how to start your garden…of hope. Our ultimate goal in community development is encouraging communities to aim to become the resolution to their own problems. In many cases, communities have the need, but may just need support in bringing it together and applying it.  Everything from Disaster preparedness, utilization of natural resources, and more.    Fancy Horizontal Line

Shop Here for Care 

The seventh category of care, Shopping for care services and products. In this category, you can review a wide array of”care”products, services, programs, supplies, equipment, as to how they compare and have benefited others, or leave a review reflecting your own personal experiences with them. Between our affiliate warehouses and supply companies, we have available a wide array of care brands, products, materials and equipment on hand to fit the needs of the world community at large. This particular part of the site, brings the world of care at your fingertips. Here you can find your care needs. From walking canes, to specialized bandages, from shampoo to skin cremes, from medical uniforms to medical books, from therapeutic horse back riding to disability access…absoulutely almost anything you can think of, we have put it here on this site for you.
How do we manage to connect with so many people you may ask? Well, we depend on both professionals and ordinary people much like yourselves to make it possible. We connect, because we like yourself, believe in “Care for the benefit if those who believe in it”!       Fancy Horizontal Line
Extended Commitments
World Wise Care Inc. also sets out to incorporate the needs of personal and community groups as they relate to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, safety, business development, and a wide array of initiatives, specifically designed for men, women, & children alike. It is important to keep our families and communities have the resources needed to progress and sustain their happinessand well being. WWC addresses an assortment of issues including but not limited to: childhood bullying, cell phone safety, conflict resolution, cyberbullying, disaster preparedness , drug abuse , evaluation reports, fraud and Identity theft, gang violence prevention , holiday safety , hate crimes , home and neighborhood safety, internet safety , mortgage fraud affecting the elderly, senior safety , school safety, vacant property crimes , violent crimes and personal safety, volunteering, workplace safety and so much more.
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When A Heavy Heart Loses its Balance, Despair May Speak out…WWC sets out to Listen and Answer

Setting: Somewhere in the world, every single day.

Dear Life, My Omnipotent Listener,

As if a page was torn from my worst nightmare and made into reality–its there. It’s the middle of the night and I pinch myself, but I am not dreaming. I am fully awake. There is nowhere to turn. There is nowhere to hide. I am contained. I am in danger of myself. All of a sudden, I remember GOD again. Although I have had him on my contact list—although he is number one on my speed dial for a while now, I have forgotten his number. He has been and still is before me, yet I am immersed within such catastrophe, such that, I am oblivious as to how to restart my dialogue with him. I place my heart on factory reset and hope I can restore my contact with him. I don’t know if he exists or if he will answer me, but I will decide to give him a try. What a shame—that my memory has become so short. In all he has done for me, yet I stand here skeptical and ungrateful.

Life, the Narrator: The Writer drops to their knees at their bedside. WWC listens in.

GOD—do you have anything to do with why I have these problems? No! I can answer that question myself. I have brought these problems into existence; yet I am expecting not only to blame someone else, but for someone else to care for it. I have fully learned my lesson from this first glimpse—from the very first point I have seen the aura of my punishment. I am so sorry for filling the pages up of my life with things which I could have avoided. Can you, Life ever, forgive me?

What have I done to deserve this? How could life misinterpret my Karma and intimidate my destiny? I wish that I could turn this pen into a sword and cut this problem away from my ship. I feel like I have already sunken and drowned. I can feel the sea bottom and taste it’s salt.  I am endangered by the waves above. The fear of the unknown is ripping my heart out, but the pain of what I have already come to know, is actually already killing me.

My GOD, please make this go away. Can you? Please help me! I have been thrown into a prison within a sea of problems– where exists, the consequence of my own actions.  God where are you? Have you answered me already? Is your answer, NO? Have your chosen to just leave me to deal with my own problems? Please forgive me if it is that I am too impatient to wait for your works to reveal itself? Am I too blind to see your works have already begun? I am sorry if I may seem too pushy. I am sorry if all you have requested of me to do– to walk that line…may have seemed to me, to have been too pushy. 

Life…the Narrator: Writer takes a deep breath; WWC is there by their side.

One day, this will be all over. The question is: Where will I be, or how will I end up? You know, my whole life has been a struggle, but I actually got used to my old struggle. Now, this is no longer a struggle, it’s now trouble. I try to sleep it off. I wish that I can sedate myself with sleep from this grief…from these problems, but it seems nothing would be powerful enough to relief me of this pain.

 I have too much to live for, even though it seems I have so much to die for right now. I count my blessings and I clinch my fist holding them tight. I have to first give credit to them–my family, my family, my family. When I have forgotten about all else, I remember them. My tears prevent me from seeing what I am writing, but my heart will never forget what I have written. I write blindly, yet with truth and sincerity.                                

Life…the Narrator: Writer wipes the tears away from their eyes. WWC Comforts them. 

I feel I have been cursed…by myself. I can feel myself becoming engulfed with greater turmoil with each moment that goes by—a point where blame becomes an excuse. My heart being torn from the inside out. How do I not know if I have not already died, and that this feeling which I am living with day in and day out is really not hell? I cannot eat, I cannot think, I cannot sleep. This runs throughout my mind all day long. Can something help me? 

Does anyone know what I am going through? Will they know even if I told them I was fine? Oh, how hypocritical I feel not even to tell those that are closest to me. How nervous I am to be ridiculed for keeping my pains to myself, rather than spill it into the laps of those that aren’t really that close to me. 

Why am I worried? Why am I becoming saturated with so much fear, anxiety and doubt? Am I not worthy of a solution? Am I not worthy to pull myself together? Am I making this bigger than what it is? But what if I make it smaller and then it surprises me? I am so stressed; I can’t even concentrate on prayer. What is there for me to change? I am committed to changing my ways. I am committed to seeing brighter days. 


Anonymously yours 

Life…the Narrator: WWC commits itself to being there through the good times and bad times alike. WWC, not just a choice or option—WWC is a resource of hope and help!
 “Arrest Your Doubts & Free your Mind; Arrest Your Pride & Free Your Heart” ® 
                                            –Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, M.D
                                              WWC Founder, CEO & President

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