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Dr. G. C. Xavier, M.D.
CEO, President & Founder, WorldWise Care Inc.

Dear Interest at Heart:

This site had been created to truly represent the average problems and concerns facing not only our lives within our homes, but globally as well. World Wise Care Inc. (WWC), A well developed  standarized  set of spirited objectives that was set into motion at the turn of this millennium for the purpose of creating a platform for people around the world to be able to “perform” their “acts” of care within their very own communities around the world. WWC holds onto the merit and promises of a better tomorrow. Change is withn the heart of not the beholder, yet within those who are held. Through “Care”, we can certainly, together, make change happen…everywhere!

As the CEO & president of WWC, I commit to fostering the platform and ongoing practice of priding oneself, as one person, as one community, as one city, state, country….as one world…to articultate their purpose and consideration with the essence of “CARE” on the mind and in the heart; allow not a situation, or condition to “happen”, or to “happen to you” to “CARE” about it. In other words, Don’t wait for weither you or someone you love to be diagnosed with a disease, or  to be raped, or to have been in an accident before a particular subject matter becomes meaningful to you. Lets “CARE about everything–about everyone…all the time. Not just when the spot light or a material incentive conviences us. Let’s keep our self open to other’s people’s distress; that we can both live and die with a clean conscious and a clean heart…to have “care” reverbrate throughout or conscious hearts BEFORE we find out that we, ourselves need it. Remember that Distress does not make appointments and help has not a face-help has not a race. Neither does pain, discomfort, or tears. We at World Wise Care teaches the philosphy that….”To Live, Is To Care, and to Care is to be Wise”.

In its conception, I spent countless hours, establishing this corporation…and even countless more hours developing the website! Seemingly to be a lot of work, I had not anticipated the actual task my vision had taken on at the time. It grew faster that I could ever have imagined, mush like a “Fish that has quickly outgrown its bowl”. It seems the more I developed the corporation, was the more needs I discovered needed to be addressed. It started from being a neighborhood program, to  have become a world-wide initiative–hence the name “World-Wise Care”.

After years of continuous assessment within communities around the world, and once the template of my ideas and purposes were established, several valuable staff and volunteer members helped to continue to mold what the organization has become today. It was extremely difficult to get others to actually see what I was trying to estbalish, because “Care” as we know it had not yet been defined to the moral and standardized threshold as WWC has worked to define it today: “Care”–as it relates to…”everything”. 

Today, as a physician, professor, instructor, special topics lecturer, researcher, technical development specialist, motivational speaker and others, I travel around the world, giving lectures on a varitey of topics. As a motivational speaker I set out to inspire the hearts and minds of others…to hold that “care” as we have become to know it as a people, can become limited by the perception of the person you are speaking to. I teach that if you can reach the way a person views their own circumstance, and determine it’s true appreciation, you can inturn help to mold the perception of the way they see the circumstance of others. 

As a strong advocate for “progression”, I also teach that “Care” should not just be a philosophy….it should be a profession, a hobby, an activity…a thought. World Wise Care Inc. is commited  to redefining “Care” as any and all consideration that is held towards the benefit of others; through their very profession, hobby, interest, activity….and yes…of one’s thought, where it all actually starts. I strive to inspire others to see “Care” as the universal philosophy of “one’s” purpose. I place significant emphasis on the concept that if one focuses on care, the purpose & presence of Love, Joy Happiness, & Tranquility will not only define itself, but will become further refined by the person.

As I travel the world, I lend the concept to others , that “Care” should be viewed as meanful consideation. Love is Care with a purpose–Joy is seeing your purpose & considerations manifest though the happiness of others. And Tranquility…Tranquility is the state of emphasizing this campaign to the extent that everyone can be on the same page of all the concepts stated above…an ability to consider others–an ability that is within us all. To just see yourself is selfishness, but to see yourself within the consideration you apply towards others….is Care!

WWC, now developed as a one-stop initiative for care, has breached a barrier that has never has it been broken before; a template of effort that at one time had became so overwhelming. It took a great deal of energy, kindness and shared vision around the world to have made this as successful as it has become today. Today, WWC is a World-Wide initiative functioning in 43 countries around the world and is the parent to 19 and associated affiliate websites other parent organizations concentrating on each of the 19 focused concepts of World Wise Care Inc. WWC has hundreds of affiliate organizations, and branches throughout the world. WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY GOVERNMENT FUNDING, however, survive solely on the generous support of members such as yourself. Let us know, how you can help and/or become a part of this intiative today. Enjoy!

Dr. G. C. Xavier, M.D.

CEO, President & Founder, WorldWise Care Inc




It’s tough being a kid…this we know!  So, when I founded this organization and website, I did so, with all of you in mind. We have some exciting things for you on this site. We aim to reach your curiosities and vow to be there for in your drive for excellence. This is a site that you can come on and find everything from astronauts to video games; bullying to childhood obesity; help with homework, to help with housework. Whatever your needs are, we are there for you as a resource in your journey through accountability, respect and happiness towards adulthood, professionalism and prosperity.

Do not allow the opinions of others to become a hindrance to you. There is nothing that you cannot do if you put your mind and commitment to it. There are those who will go out of thier way….and focus all of their energies in trying to put you out of your way. Steer clear of those influences..and surround yourself with positive people….doing positive things. Remember alcoholics hand out with alcoholics, drug addicts hang out with drug addicts, drug dealers hang out with drug dealers….so if you are striving to be positive then, yes, you guessed it, you should hang out with POSITIVE PEOPLE.

We encourage you to come on with your parents, and share the experience. You can be a kid, right here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there are any topics you would want us to post, please let us know! There is a  team of dedicated professionals and a world of inspiring minds as yourself that are here for you. This site belongs to people like you!

Boys Girls Adolescents

Young Men

Young Women Teen

Adults-What s my purpose & Is there more to my purpose?

Challenges of an adult as it relates to life, actually becomes easier once one eliminates the need to have please the opinions of others.  Your goals…leave it to be your little secret. Some people design their lives around making things difficult for others. Remember envy and jealousy exists in this world, and it has been known to be human nature for some kinds of people, to either desire what you have, or desire to see you loose it; desire what you have done, or see you fail at it. You will find that people can become envious over something as benign as a pen. This is the side of life that can taint your drive if you allow it to do so.

Hold fast onto your dreams; don’t talk to much about what you want to do, to others–just do it! Make it happen. Sometimes your enthusiasm and excitement about something can be so great, that you may feel like your want to burst. Thus, you have to remain nonetheless humble, and follow you plan to just do it. A true master plan shouldn’t consist of the drive to brag or convince others of your ideas. Let them read about it in the headlines, so to speak.

Further more, strive not to attempt to surprise people with your hat alone, yet what you pull out of it; And allow what you pull out of your hat to represent your thoughts, positive reasoning and productivity–yearn not to pull out stuff from the hat of others. Your purpose is what you make it, not what others think of you, or what they think you should be doing. Be yourself…find your own energy!

In conclusion, don’t expect mere strangers to truly understand you, to truly believe you, to truly care about you…to truly define you. Remember that silence cloaks you from the enemy, motivation confuses them, perseverance baffles them…but success…its just drives them crazy! Your purpose begins with you knowing that you have a purpose, greater than what anyone may propose to you. There’s more to your purpose, when you are meaningful in your approach towards discovering it.

Men Women Parents & Guardians-Who Are you?

Parents Adults

This is actually a question that is posed to the parents; whose answers is sought to be answered not in just by words, but by actions. “Do you love me? Do you really care? What do I mean to you? Are you proud of what I set out to try and do?”  Even so, these are all questions that are to be answered not by words, but through your commitment.


                    Men Women Families

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