Our Philosophy

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Philosophy of Caring ; Care…something to think about:

World Wise Care’s primary focus is to attempt to not only meet the needs and demands of the world community by providing training, education, research, resource & technological interventions as they relate to care, but to set out to sensitize, encourage & motivate individuals and communities throughout, to be able to set an example of “a world they would like to be living in”…to make a change in their real world setting.

World Wise Care supports the philosipical understanding that quite frankly, we as a world can do better! We often hear the saying “It’s not what it used to be”…well here’s a question for those who may say this: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE WAY IT SHOULD BE…ANY DIFFERENT? Change begins within each and every one of us. In life, we sometimes set out to attempt to allow our hearts to manipulate our thoughts; yet what we need to keep in mind is that true consideration is governed by good intent, can greater persuade our hearts to further ascertain our good faith and subsequently nourish our minds to “feel” for itself naturally–regarded by those on the receiving end as…CARE.

At WWC, we identify care as being broken down into one of two categories of perception. We refer to it as Impression and Expression. “Impression”, is what we categorize as being on the receiving end of Care, whereas, “Expression” is on the providing end. The way one receives care, greatly influences the way in which they see care; certainly, the way in which one sees care greatly influence how they provide it…and vice versa. WWC strives to change the way in which people not only sees care, but their role as it relates to care.

World Wise Care Inc. 7 Point Philosophy

 I) To enduringly preserve room in your heart and being, without prejudice, boas, hypocrisy, or conceit, to seat ongoing consideration for others, and to extend competent, yet meaningful and compassionate care and thought regardless of their condition–regardless of your position.
II) To remain humble & do your best to help those who are in need, not to fulfill your need to be thanked or acknowledged.
III) To develop, maintain and apply positive attitudes and personal yet positive traits, while aligning one’s self with strong work ethics and fostering the habit of reserving positive expectations.
IV) To Identify and nourish your personal strengths, aptitude, positive qualities and in accordance with your scope of practice, weigh them against the anticipation and initiatives you value and the demands/needs of the underprivileged, the undeserving…the world community at large.
V) To embrace and champion a planned approach to the common problems and challenges facing ourselves, our families, facing communities…along with passionate yet favorable performance objectives in all that you do, while understanding that as it relates to care–leadership and commitment are requirements–not options.
VI) To strive to become the person, and aim even more diligently to extend the care that you would want to see arrive at your door step in time of crisis; become the care that “care” needs.
VII) Remember to balance your personal, family and professional lives in all you do; as one affects the other. Remembering not to just follow your dreams…lead them! Remembering not to ecome distracted by disappointment–for qutting is the only true failure.
“Arrest Your Doubts & Free your Mind; Arrest Your Pride & Free Your Heart”®
                                                           –Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, M.D
                                                              WWC Founder CEO & President

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