Malibucare and represents a complete line of cosmetic, wellness, nutrition and fitness products, services and facilities which are specially designed to meet the needs of diverse lifestyles and health conditions throughout. Malibucare is your ticket to a healthier, more vibrant quality of living. Come experience the greater part of anticipation!

Malibu Care s essentially a collective network of approved Medical Clinics, Treatment & Wellness Centers/Facilities &  Spas that operate under the full-time supervision of licensed medical professionals & or alternative-therapy practitioner. Comprehensive wellness and preventive care is provided that may adhere and include but is not limited to traditional Western medical concepts, complementary/alternative philosophies, or a combination of the two (known as integrative medicine). Spa treatments are incorporated into wellness programs as an effective way to rejuvenate and reduce stress. Medical spas may or may not have overnight accommodations.

These establishments offer a less symptom-based approach to healthcare than you’ll find at most conventional doctor’s offices. By emphasizing the links between mind, body, and spirit and/or identifying and addressing health risks before the onset of illness, medical spa practitioners aim to give guests the tools to achieve lasting well-being.

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