Crisis Intervention; Need Help?

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Do you need a listening ear? an open heart? We are here. Feel like life is closing in on you, before you do anything to hurt yourself or the ones you love, call the World Wise Care Toll Free Crisis Intervention Hotline: 1-877-499-2764 today!

World Wise Care Inc. Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour crisis line often serves as the first point of contact for individuals who are seeking help, support, and information.  Unfortunately, crisis can affect anyone at any time.  The need for emotional support or referral assistance is something most individuals encounter at some point in their lives.  Staff and volunteers are available 24/7/365 to help individuals discover the skills and resources that they uniquely possess and that allow them to develop solutions and maximize self-sufficiency.   

If people have the opportunity to talk through a crisis, the risk of harmful occurrences to self or others is greatly diminished.  Immediate support during a crisis has also been shown to greatly reduce risks of abuse and neglect. One of the biggest appeals of our crisis lines is the anonymous and confidential nature of the free service available to anyone in need of assistance.  During times of crisis, people often feel more comfortable talking to someone with whom they do not have to identify themselves, enabling them to discuss feelings and concerns in a way that may differ from talking with friends and family members.

World Wise Care Inc. Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour crisis line provides a safe and non-judgmental source of support for individuals in any type of crisis. In addition to our 24-hour crisis hotline, we also offer crisis intervention services through text messaging. To access this service, please set up a one time account with us. 

All services provided by World Wise Care Inc. Crisis Call Center are free of charge and available to anyone in any crisis situation.  The Center does not practice nor condone discrimination on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation , age, religion, national origin, marital status, military status, political belief, mental or physical handicap, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status.

World Wise Care Inc. has the shared mission to help people in crisis. We operate free, confidential, anonymous hotlines, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as, numerous programs and services including Survivors of Suicide support groups, a teen internet chat service, teen texting program, a youth outreach program to prevent bullying and peer harassment, suicide prevention/intervention education and on-site crisis response teams.

World Wise Care Toll Free Crisis Intervention Hotline: 1-877-499-2764

 “Sometimes, “things” happen to us, to remind us of the value of life, and our roles and decisions as they relate to our purpose and determination to govern and balance both our incentives and objectives.” 
                                                  Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, MD (All Rights Reserved) 

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