Our Purpose

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For those who set out to: Seek, Learn & Discover

The World Wise Care Public Health Foundation is established as a philanthropic/humanitarian not-for-profit organization, established  & structured as an informational, outreach & charitable organization that is committed to the objectives & purposes of assessing, analyzing, addressing & contributing to  the needs of the rural underprivileged & disadvantaged members of the world community as they relate to the various aspects of care; the benefit, welfare, wellbeing, ethics, advocacy & improvement in the overall quality of life of society; which purposes includes the facilitation, support, leadership, promotion of community resource intervention, academia & research, outreach, training, education & awareness in a wide range of areas. With thousands of topics, articles, forums, columns & blogs WWC online is here to serve as your ultimate resource on Care. Search for your solution today!

For those who set out to: Engage Share, Participate

World Wise Care offers a platform & invites the expertise, talents, ideas, good will & intentions of caring individuals around the world; in efforts of bringing assistance without discrimination in preventing & alleviating human suffering & closing deficiency gaps wherever it may be found. Its purpose is to protect life & health & to ensure respect for the human being. WWC aims to foster a world environment whereby the strengths of an individual or community may extend as a safety net & facilitate the planting of a seed that will in turn promote mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation, lasting peace & progression among all peoples. Our resources are only as strong as our links around the world…which includes participating members, organizations, agencies & people like you. Become a part of the solution today!

For those who set out to:Prepare, Plan Develop

The world faces about 70,000 natural & man-made disasters in the U.S. alone, ranging anywhere from fires to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, transportation accidents & explosions. This staggering number is dramatically increased when looking at the world over. WCC develops its national & international relief efforts in applying addressing pestilence, famine, fire, floods, & other great national calamities, around the world, & devising a system to carry on measures for preventing the same. World Wise Care is unique in the aspect that WWC focus on developing a template of effort & intent; that individuals may be able to themselves take on the needs & obligations of their own communities. Learn how to prepare, organize and develop your community’s’ resources today!

For those who set out to: Donate, Support Contribute

As both a professional & family friendly website, WWC aims to integrate award-winning expertise in health, nutrition, fitness, wellness, medicine, journalism, hobbies & special interests with the needs of the general world community through its online education & training programs, forums, discussion groups, social media activities, credible & in-depth news, features, reference material, & online community programs. We are proud that others in the fields of media & health have recognized our efforts over the years. It’s through the time & care of ordinary people that we can do extraordinary things. Whether it is through involving your school, workplace, or community centers, coordinating a blood drive, feeding program, clothes drive or fundraising, your involvement is needed! We depend on the desire, commitment, sincerity & support of people like you–who are determined to make a difference for others…for the world. Whatever your consideration…your input makes the difference. Help to keep these resources alive!

Certainly, WWC founder CEO and President, Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier,  has dedicated his life to helping children walk the right track. He has developed countless programs and initiatives throughout, to meet the needs and challenges of the youth of today. Those children who may be at risk, of either being arrested, and or drawn into a life of crime, or lost to the street by guns, drugs or violence. Even so, World Wise Care holds true to the concept that although it may take a village to raise a child, it takes World Wise Caring efforts to strengthen a village.


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