How to Stay Strong in a Family Crisis

    It takes insight from the entire family to deal with a crisis.

    It takes insight from the entire family to deal with a crisis.

    Step 1

    Identify the problem. Once you have a better idea of what is causing the crisis, you can work toward a solution. If a family member has recently died, it can cause stress for family members. If some family members do not take the time to grieve, they might lash out at others. In these cases, it is important to maintain an honest dialogue among family members, suggests KidsHealth, and answer any questions that arise. Keep in mind that family members will handle the information that you provide differently, so keep an eye on these reactions.

    Step 2Frame the problem in a realistic manner. In some cases, a temporary issue can turn into a major crisis because the family is unable to frame it properly. If the problem is something relatively simple, such as having to switch to new child care, deal with the problem and move on with life. If you stay calm, the rest of the family will follow your lead, suggests Oregon State University Extension.

    Step 3Come up with a possible solution. Although you do not have to solve the problem on your own, having some ideas can put your family at ease. You can then discuss these solutions with your family. This discussion will show your family that the circumstance is not helpless and it will improve over time. Always encourage other family members to provide their insight, notes, because that helps the family to set priorities.

    Step 4

    Call a family meeting. Staying in communication is critical, regardless of the type of crisis you’re dealing with. Let your family know that emotions are perfectly natural in this circumstance and take the time to listen to your family’s concerns.

    Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, M.D.
    WWC CEO & President

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