Marraige Counseling

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 I want a…DIVORCE! It’s so easy to end it all sometimes—so it may seem. Thousands of couples around the world faces this every year. We understand tgallerymarried2hat sometimes, things don’t work out the way we plan…just about everyone at some point, has a strife, a project that presents as a challenge.  Whether it be a carpenter who starts out building a wall and runs out of nails or a pilot that runs into bad weather. As a member of a relationship, you too have to be prepared to repair our difficulties and re-route our efforts in the presence of strong winds… …remember when it was good.

Does it hurt– to hurt our children, when we force them to divorce their expectations? Their dreams? Their world? Divorce hurts…especially when a marriage can be saved. Where there is desire, there is hope. Some people are more hesitant of their divorce, not because of their children, but because of of certain financial interests.

People get together for different reasons…but sometimes people break up for the most ridiculous. Divorce traumatizes a child’s life. Remember forgiveness…doesn’t make it right, but it sure enough sometimes makes things worthwhile.

So if the stain and strain of infidelities, financial, economic or other circumferential stresses doesn’t burden the ability to forgive, survive & pick up the pieces…please, for the sake of your union & commitment– try to work it out. There is help out there. Being optimistic, doesn’t make you a fool & certainly doesn’t make what “they” have done right…just provides the opportunity for you to help set your marriage on the right course for happiness.

David Cole, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Social Worker  & Marraige Counselor

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