I.N.S.P.I.R.E.  M.E.

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At World Wise Care, Corp, we understand the demands, pressures and challenges that we all are faced with from time to time. We specialize in helping people, teams, and organizations gain clarity on their situation, define a strategic plan to achieve the improved results they are looking for, and most of all to put that plan into daily action. Our coaches aims to inspire others, by following the templete of this 9 step process.

 1) Invest meaningful thought and consideration into situations and conditions of others and devise a structured planned approach.

2) Network your efforts and incorporate the existing resources of other entities and establishments to achieve a stronger impact.

3) Be prepared to Support the person emotionally throughout this process. Change can be overwhelming to a person.

4) Help to Promote Patience and advocate their dreams, and ambitions. Bring out the best of what they are hoping to achieve. Sometimes all a person needs is to see someone else to say or believe that their dream is possibe and of virtue. Remember that achievement, development and progress is a process.

5) Implement constructive feedback to strengthen their imagination and courage to face challenge.

6) Reinforce your approach with consistency.

7) Encourage their courage with yours.

8) Motivate them by your example.

9) Empower them with the reminder, that they made it this far.

Inspiration is reached is when your efforts to convince the disheartened that they are desearving of what they aspire to have or do; when they are able to invest the above within themselves, all on their own.

  • In our initial meeting(s) we learn about you:  what challenges you face, what improved results you are looking for, and draft a short term projection and subsequently a long term projection. We use professional assessments to learn more about individual strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and key attributes. We then sit down with you to review the facts and guide you in defining the 9 step process as it relates to you. 

  • Based on your unique needs, we put together a custom solution to help you set and achieve your goals. We use professional materials (text, workbook, audio, etc.) as needed to provide you with key skills such as, but not limited to Leadership, Self-Confidence, Patience, Positive Thinking.  Meetings are usually delivered as weekly sessions (60-90 min.) at one of our regionaly approved sites. For individual 1-1 coaching, sessions can be held via phone or Skype as needed. While you are gaining the skills you need, we work with you to define your action plan – the road map to your improvement. We provide you with the tools and methodologies to analyze and set specific, measurable  goals. During the planning stage, we challenge you to start achieving while you are learning and planning. That is, we will help you to start applying your newly gained knowledge, skills, and clarity in real life. By the time you complete the Plan stage, you will have already put several items from your plan into action. In the later phases, its all about working your plan. Our meetings will help you update the plan as needed for the unexpected, polish your skills in real-life circumstances, and provide you with a sounding board for new challenges as they come up.


  • Change can be scary, but once you define the change you want and how you will get there – the fear becomes empowerment that inspires you to achieve more. In this stage, we help you stay focused so that you can lead the changes you want and keep everyone else on track. We help you define a dashboard of metrics so that you can keep an eye on progress and ensure the changes you implement not only stay in place but achieve the measurable goals that you have set. 
  • We will schedule follow-up meetings periodically, including a one-year annual check up and follow up. At World Wise Care Corp, we are your partner, and look forward to helping you achieve more each and every year!

                 Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier    "Arrest Your Doubts"

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