WWC Founder, CEO & President

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 Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier, MD
Founder, CEO & President, World Wise Care Inc.

Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier is a credentialed yet humble professional & enthusiast with over 18 years of experience in research, education, direct care, administration & management as they relate to the overall standards, discipline, commitment & practices of healthcare, motivational speaking, business development & community engagement. While embracing challenge as a standard of aniticpation, he sets out to meet accomplishment with great poise and tenacity.

Having acquired a vast spectrum of specialized and skilled experiences, he has consistenly affirmed his most prided ambitions of making a change throught caring, contributing, developing, molding & advancing said experiences, competencies, & professional yet specialized interests towards progressive benevolent organizations & entities whose concern for the benefit of humanity & quality healthcare is synonymous with their mission and loyalty realting to the community at large.

Affording such consideration, his focus & compassion shall even further be extended to protect the scientific, fiscal, technological, retinal, & logistical interests of such an institution, whereas these objectives shall support his efforts to include, yet not be limited to: traditional, web based & simulation education, organizational communication systems, electric health record/healthcare information technology systems, team building, quality management, performance excellence, program development and coordination, patient flow, resource management, strategic & operational systems development.

Dr. Xavier’s humble beginnings of working within underprivileged communities & disadvantaged populations has been largely supportive of the heightened esteem & root of his early commitments & professional aptitude: To continue to serve today as he has all of his life–“Improving the Quality of Healthcare…Begins In Our Hands–A global Impact, A Universal Philosophy…One  Individual At A Time.”.

As a dedicated professional of healthcare, Dr. Xavier has held numerous administrative & consultation roles within the hospital setting & has throughout the tenure of his this commitment, boldly rewritten the threshold that has bordered the outlines of  his job descriptions & has truly went above & beyond; having the whole way…in each way…in every way…maintained his position & ability to dominate the expectations & anticipation of  the institutions which he has served.

In support of these facts, Dr. Xavier’s has received several awards, acknowledgments & commendations for his commitment & performance. Experienced in healthcare administration, patient sensitivity & cultural diversity, team building, quality management, performance excellence, resource management, strategic & operational systems development, he strives to most copiously present as an asset towards any new challenges, assuming the  responsibility with  unpretentious leadership…& with loyalty to spare— 

Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier…true  exemplification of  commitment  towards leadership & excellence.

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