Arrest Your Doubt Lecture Series By Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier


I was at a recent lecture that Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier gave to the youth on over coming life’s struggles said a line that stick with me. Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier opened up with “Oh Children of Brooklyn, Arrest Your Doubts; Things Will Get Better”. This lecture sounded so prophetical and majestic. This lecture was so inspiring and powerful. That lecture made me look at my life totally different. He hit every point, like he was reading into me and my children. I was wondering if someone on this site could please get me a copy of that lecture.


Cynthia Gordon-Clay

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  1. Stacy says:

    I was there when Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier gave the Arrest Your Doubt Lecture last August. I thought that lecture was amazing. I remember during the intermission I overheard some of the teenagers actually talking about it. I thought Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier hit the spot for so many people there. I even saw a girl crying. I wished I had a copy of that lecture if it is available. I would love to have a cousin of mine who got into trouble with the police and was arrested for some non sense to hear this lecture. I think this could probably knock some sense into him.

  2. Pink Rose says:

    The address I have for World Wise Care P.O. Box 380324 Brooklyn, NY 11238. They sent me a brochure and this was the address that was on the back of it. Maybe if you contact them they can send it to you if they have them for sale. I can tell you I remember Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier charged the room with so much energy. When he gave the Arrest Your Doubt Lecture, I was thrown back at how much he connected with the people. I was probably that girl crying lol. It moved me I know.

  3. worldwisecare says:

    Its so wonderful to see how are works at World Wise Care touches everyone. This was exactly what Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier had envisioned when he extablished this organization. Dr. Gary Cameron-Xavier arrested much of his leisure time to develop some of these very initiatives that makes WWC what it is today. We do have video and audio tapes available of many of the lectures. Please just send your request highlighting the topic and date of lecture to:

    World Wise Care Inc.
    Media Archives & Publications Division,
    P.O. Box 380324
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    WWC Media & Publications Division

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